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Beam is a challenging new puzzle game in which you slide discs around a grid to form and destroy dangerous beams. Pick each move carefully to guide the discs across the board, creating beams as pieces of the same color line up. Be careful though! The beams have the power to destroy pieces that pass through them, so you'll have to think ahead if you want to find the perfect solution. Earn stars for your successes, and use them to unlock new worlds and more intricate puzzles.

Featuring 70 hand crafted levels and elegant visuals, Beam will have you coming back time and again to try to solve that next level. Beam has only a few simple rules, making it easy to learn, so you can get straight to playing it and having fun. Don't take this to mean the game is easy! We've carefully combined those simple rules to deliver an experience that will leave you wondering how to solve each puzzle.

Beam features open worlds, which are unlocked as you play. We don't tell you what order you need to solve the puzzles in, so once you unlock a world you can play the levels there in any order. If you ever find yourself stuck on one puzzle, you can try some of the others in that world and come back to it later.

For those of you who like an extra challenge, Beam has a bonus level in every world. Once you've solved the other puzzles, there is still something left to keep you thinking. Do you have what it takes to solve them all and earn every star?

Beam is completely free: you can download it for free, and there are no in app purchases, no ads, no long waits or energy bars. Once you download Beam, you'll have access to the entire game, absolutely free.

So what are you waiting for? Download Beam now and try your hand at the best puzzle game we have to offer. You won't be disappointed!

Beam logo Beam logo Beam logo Beam logo Beam logo Beam logo Beam logo Beam logo
Android app on Google Play Download on the App Store